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GS & M construction are fully experienced in providing top quality services whether your requirement is, a timber framed building, steel framed construction, brick and block extensions or even roof re-pointing. Our building engineers are fully qualified and happy to assist you in your new projects.

Building Construction Services


Bricklaying isn’t just about laying bricks, it’s an artform. And one we take extreme pride in every single brick thats laid.

Having built everything from brick structures, to outside decorative walls. We have the right bricklayers for you. We can offer bespoke services such as patterned brick walls or even complex supporting walls for your new basement refurbishment.

bricklaying work brick built driveway wall


Extensions can become a beautiful addition to your everyday living. Why not consider expanding your living quarters with a plush modern building extension.

GS & M Construction ensure safety is a our paramount objective with any build. All our extensions are built with a lifetime guarantee ensuring our work lives on long beyond ourselves. Expand your workspace with a brand new office extension, contact us today to speak to a dedicated project manager.

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Everyone once in a while in your existing building work needs maintenance. Just as we do, our buildings sometimes need repair work as they start to age. GS & M Construction have been repointing and repairing buildings for more than 50 years.

As weathering and decay seep in, damage builds up in the joints which causes it to crack and allow water to enter the main brick work. If you suspect your walls, chimney or any other brickwork to be showing signs of decay contact us and we’ll come round and inspect your building work completely free of charge. Dont ignore it! Damaged joints left untended over time can lead to catastrophic long term damage to your property.

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Roofs leaks can be devastating for any property, ensure you have roof and chimney checked regularly as loose tiles and damaged chimney breast can cause damage.

We supply and fit: flat roof tiles, slate tiles, and can even match and repair your existing roof.

roofing roof ceiling with 2 sky lights

GRP & EDPM Flat roofing

GRP and EDPM flat roofing systems are guaranteed for 10 years, unlike traditional felt which often came apart, GRP Fibreglass Roofing and EPDM rubber roofing are strong and durable, cost-effective, maintenance-free, providing a flat roofing surface that is completely watertight.

roofing roof ceiling with 2 sky lights

Silicone based renders

Silicone-based renders and external wall

GS&M construction are specialists in the application of external wall insulation and silicone-based render systems that not only weatherproof and protect the walls of your home from the harsh conditions but also provide a first-class decorative finish and comes in a range of colours.

External wall insulation comes with a 10-year guarantee and can help reduce your bills.

roofing roof ceiling with 2 sky lights

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